Engberts & Schipper

Our Music = Our Emotion 

Welcome to our world of Music & Emotions, we operate under the names "Engberts & Schipper" and "Gminors" and this website is registered under : www.gminors.nl , www.gminors.com & www.engbertsandschipper.com. 

To find samples of our music, just click on the headers above with the song titles. 

This website shows most of our repertoire; besides the finished songs, you also can listen to some "FIRST VERSIONS". It might be interesting to hear how a first idea develops into a real song. 

Some other songs or just ideas will need further development; some of them can be found under the header "SONG INCUBATOR". On top of that, under "Audio-Shots" you'll find one or more short 30 seconds melodies. 

Several of our songs are placed on the major music streaming services like Spotify (scan Orange code below), iTunes, Deezer, Apple Music ( scan QR code below) & YouTube Music - search in all cases under: "Engberts & Schipper". 

You might want to visit Instagram (scan the QR code below) or our private YouTube channel (scan the QR code below), then search for "EngbertsandSchipper" on both platforms. We even have a Facbook page under "Engberts & Schipper Song Creators, but to be honest, we're not very active on Facebook. 

In any case: enjoy !


 Above: INSTAGRAM QR CODE to "EngbertsandSchipper"

Above: QR Code to the private YouTube site under "EngbertsandSchipper"  

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