Engberts & Schipper

Our Music = Our Emotion 

Welcome to our world of music & emotions, operating under the name "Engberts & Schipper", also to be found under  "Gminors". 

To find samples of our music, just click on the headers above which contain our song titles. 

The website shows most of our repertoire; besides the finished songs, you also can listen to some "FIRST VERSIONS". We think it being interesting to hear how a first idea develops into a real song. 

Some other songs or ideas for songs will need further development; those can be found under the header "SONG INCUBATOR". On top of that, under "Audio-shots", you'll find some (very) short new and hopefully inspiring melodies/arrangements. 

Several songs are placed on YouTube ( under: "engbertsandschipper") as well as for example on Spotify - search "Engberts & Schipper" - sometimes you'll find the link to these mediatypes under the Songheaders. You also might be interested to follow us on social media, for example Facebook, Instagram and others, where-ever possible we can be found under the name "engbertsandschipper". 

FYI: The social media component is far from complete and still needs some major development and construction. We do our best. 

Anyway: Enjoy !