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SUNNY DAY (2021 - 2022) 

This song has a background. 

Charles and Carla, very good personal friends of Peter, are travelling around the world with their motorhome, but find it often difficult to say goodbye to the nice and interesting people they meet. 

Therefore we proposed to compose a farewell song based on the well known " We'll meet again ", although fairly different. Because of the positive vibe the song provides, it was decided to call it " SUNNY DAY ". In this song Carla and Charles are singing together with the M4 Choir and Eve Dawn as a lead. 

Nowadays Carla & Charles are singing SUNNY DAY whenever time has come to say goodbye again ........ or whenever they just feel for it ..... for fun. 

Lyrics (partly original), composition and production: Peter Engberts

SUNNY DAY.mp3 (5.07MB)
SUNNY DAY.mp3 (5.07MB)
SUNNY DAY.pdf (60.55KB)
SUNNY DAY.pdf (60.55KB)